Tools & Services

Intelligent intervention platform

WellDrone Technologies AS is a technology development company focusing on providing the global well intervention market with innovative, high-quality downhole technologies and solutions, and a provider with international rental and sales. Our innovative WellDrone product enables High-speed traction and 50% reduced tool length design that opens for increase in payload length. High-performance and high-speed downhole communications enable extreme flexibility and high autonomy level. State of the art high-speed bi-directional communications user interface.

WellDrone® Tractor

Design Criteria

ReliabilityEfficiencyPlattform for the Future
Fundamental to thought process and concept selectionElectro-mechanical driveHigh speed common data bus
Verification of critical componentsTransmission optimized for efficiencyArchitecture opens for autonomy

WellDrone® Stroker

Current /P-1 ratings

Pressure20.000 [psi]
Temp177 [0C]
Push46.000 [lbf]
Pull33.800 [lbf]
Stroke20 [in]

WellDrone® Milling Module

Current /P-1 ratings

Pressure16.000 [psi]
Temp150 [0C]
Speed105 [rpm]
Torque130 [ft/lbf]
  • Can be combined with pump for jetting while milling
  • Full down-hole power capacity
  • Independent control
  • High efficiency direct drive
  • Torque and speed surface readout

WellDrone® Cleaner/ Jetting Module

Current /P-1 ratings

Pressure16.000 [psi]
Temp177 [0C]
Flow29 [galUS/min]
Bailer Capacity0,91 [galUS]
Fill RateUp to 75%

WellDrone® Milling and Collection Platform

Single platform consisting of:

  • Circulation module
  • Rotary module
  • Collection module

Provides the following services:

  • Circulation
  • Debris collection
  • Jetting
  • Milling
  • Jetting while milling
  • Debris collection with milling

Our development includes a suite of downhole electro-mechanical tools that will complement and optimize the utilization of our WellDrone® solutions.

  • Unique and modern modular tractor and tool suite 
  • Autonomous, ready for embedding further autonomous functionality
  • Mechanical design manufactured and field-tested 
  • High-speed autonomous decisions, all system-interactions processed downhole
  • Bi-directional tractoring and individual controls for drive sections – reduced number of tools 
  • Mono and Hepta cable configuration
  • Exceeds competitors pull and speed performance – shortest length to pull/speed ratio in market
  • Fully modular – easy transport and set-up